Spoiler Free or Spoiler Filled Reviews: Which Do You Prefer?

Hey everyone! As you are reading this I am on vacation 😊.

Today I want to discuss book reviews and their format.

Whether it’s occasionally or frequently, most book bloggers post reviews- and I’ve seen them in different formats. Most of the ones I read are spoiler free and talk about the book in a broader sense, giving readers their overall impression. However, I’ve also seen reviews where bloggers talk about the specific contents of the book and go into more depth. Other reviews have a mix of both non-spoilers and spoilers.

Recently I’ve realized that I enjoy reading all formats of reviews, depending on the “situation.”

I love reading non-spoiler book reviews when I haven’t read the book but I am interested in the story. This way I can decide if the book is one I want to read. I read these reviews for a general opinion and summary. Of course, non-spoiler reviews can also be read by people who have read the book- but for me, I find it less interesting.

On the other hand, I really enjoy spoiler-filled reviews when I’ve read the book because it’s interesting to see another reader’s perspective on specific scenes. It’s so fun when I read something I relate to and can say “Ah that’s exactly how I felt!” Spoiler filled reviews are also great for my fangirl moments! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚ In my opinion, when I’ve read a book, spoiler-filled reviews are the most fun to read!

The reviews I wrote when I first started blogging were separated into a spoiler free and a spoiler-filled section. However, currently, I write only spoiler-free reviews because that’s what I’ve seen most bloggers do. In addition, I want to keep my reviews short since I find that readers often skip or skim over review posts. I also understand that non-spoiler reviews are applicable to all people (ie. people who have read the book and those who haven’t), which lets the post reach a wider audience. Perhaps in the future, I may go back to writing some reviews with two sections- one for non-spoilers and one for spoilers.

That’s all for this post; I just wanted to compare and discuss these types of reviews! Which kind of reviews do you prefer to read? If you write reviews, which ‘type’ do you like to write? Do you relate with how I feel about non-spoiler and spoiler-filled reviews? Let’s discuss!

16 thoughts on “Spoiler Free or Spoiler Filled Reviews: Which Do You Prefer?

  1. I agree that both types of review are good for different situations. Sometimes, its hard to adequately describe why I liked/disliked a book without giving something away. In that situation, I would probably write a spoiler-filled review, because who wants to read a review that just says, “I didn’t like this for…reasons.” Haha, but overall, I prefer to stick with spoiler-free cause those apply to everybody, not just the people who have already read the book. Thanks for such an interesting discussion topic πŸ™‚

  2. I usually write spoiler free reviews because it means that everyone can read my review. But I think I have written a few reviews in the past containing spoilers because I just really wanted to talk about specific aspects of the book that I enjoyed and that involved spoiling the book. But I agree with you that spoiler filled reviews are very fun to read after you’ve read the book and you know exactly what the reviewer is talking about. Awesome post!

    • Yes, that’s one main reason I write spoiler free reviews too! For books that I really love (and maybe more well known books) I would like to write more spoiler filled reviews. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 😊

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  3. I tend to only write spoiler-free reviews. I don’t mind reading spoilers, if I’ve read the book. For ARC’s I always do spoiler-free, since most people haven’t read that book yet.

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  5. I totally agree with you! For the most part, I’m all for the spoiler free reviews so I can get recommendations. However, I occasionally love to read a review where I can hear ALL the reviewer’s opinions- especially on more popular series that tons of people have read, like Harry Potter, for example.

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