Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sissi, a Canadian teenager who loves to read, write, and share my thoughts with others. I love to read because of the adventures and perspectives it gives me. I am able to learn and gain so much insight through reading. I mostly read YA fiction, ever since I was introduced to it through the Hunger Games series. 📚 This series is one of my all time favourites and has a special place in my heart. Currently, I read mostly contemporary fiction, and the occasional historical or dystopian novel. However, one of my reading goals is to read more variety when it comes to genres.

I also love to watch movies, TV shows, and listen to music. My all time favourite show is Gilmore Girls. The characters are so wonderful and the dialogue even more so. Brooklyn Nine Nine is a close second as I love a good sitcom! This show always makes me laugh. Finally, I love to listen to music and I will always have radio music playing wherever I am! 🎵

This blog will mostly focus on YA books including book reviews, book tags, and book related discussions. I will also write the occasional post on movies and TV. I also love to take photos of books which I post on my Instagram account. I am excited to share my thoughts with you through this blog! ❤

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